Outre Dominican Curly Half Wig 6 Month Update

By JerikaSyncere - February 08, 2017

Hey guys! As most of you guys already know, Outre is one of my favorite synthetic wig brands...ever. I never knew how freeing & exciting wig wearing could be, especially if you are protecting your natural hair underneath & your edges. You can find more info on that here 
In this video, I am wearing the Outre Dominican Curly Half Wig. This is one of my favorite curly wigs, mostly because it mimics my natural curly texture. I can easily blend my hair in the front! So with that being said, this is a 6 month review. Now obviously this wig isn't going to look as great as it did 6 months ago, but its still holding up, even though I've experienced mad tangles lol. I don't expect a synthetic wig to ever be tangle free, that's just unrealistic. So here we go y'all, my review! 

Just some pictures of me wearing this hair! Enjoy! 

Link to purchase

xoxo ♥

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