How To Lose Weight In One Week With Water | DIY Detox Water ♥

Hey Everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog! In today's post I will be explaining how you can lose weight in one week with water, by drinking detox water. This is one of MANY detox water recipes out there so feel free to share any of your favs...but lets get into it!

So the things you will need

1 cucumber
1 tbsp of ginger

1/2 cup of mint leaves

1 lemon sliced

6 cups of water

Ok now that you know what you need and how much, you can combine these ingredients in your pitcher of water. I personally bought a infuser water pitcher. You do not need one, BUT it definitely makes everything easier and I recommend it! You can purchase one here.

Allow your water to sit at least 4 hours with the fruits/veggies included. I recommend letting it sit 24 hours to allow more time for the nutrients to penetrate the water. It is definitely a taste that has to be acquired like most healthy foods and drinks, but the benefits will soon out weigh the taste, and you will find yourself craving it, kinda like how I like my apple cider vinegar. You can refer to that blog post here

Here are some quick benefits to drinking this amazing water

♥  Aids in weight loss
♥ Hydration
♥ Improves mood
♥ Antioxidants
♥ Prevents overeating 
♥ Flushes out the toxins
♥ Soothes skin
♥ Improves energy levels
♥ Allows muscles to recuperate after workout
♥ Stops food cravings
♥ Reduces belly bloating

These are just a few amazing benefits you will notice upon consistency. As always there is no lose weight quick schemes, but this works best when accompanied with exercise! Also don't forget to make healthier food choices. Losing weight should be a life changing journey, not something we do to lose weight for an event and go back to eating terribly and not exercising. You will reap amazing benefits when you make the decision to take care of your body. Once you notice how you feel, you will hate not doing it! I hope you found this article helpful!

xoxo, Jerika ♥