Los Angeles, California Trip Review

Hey, Jerika here! I'm gonna start writing a lot of my travels on this blog as well, and doing food reviews, so I am really excited about the direction my blog is heading in. I'll also be filming as well :)

So lets talk about Los Angeles, the city where celebrities reside, the city where dreams come true. A lot of people say Los Angeles is over-rated, and it probably is to some, but I have hit a point in my life where I officially have the travel bug, and find a special appreciation for sight seeing, nature & adventures. 
I've always wanted to see the Hollywood sign, and see the walk of fame, and it was amazing to me. It was surreal to see everything! 

I cant explain the feeling I got when I saw everything in person, it was breathtaking. To some people (like my husband for example), it was no big deal, but to me, I'm like wow. Blame it on the travel bug lol. 

At this point in photo, you can see the beautiful city of Los Angeles in the background. It so pretty and bright there, I loved it, but it was definitely hot. But its no different from where I live, so no big deal. Its crazy though the temperature difference between there and Santa Monica Pier. It was 94 in LA, and about 60 on the pier, so no beach for us, which sucked because I was looking forward to it, but its ok. Just being there and enjoying a funnel cake with my husband, and walking the pier and viewing the ocean was enough for me.
I'm not sure if this is on anyone else's bucket list of travels, but it was definitely on my list, and I thank God that He allowed me to be able to see it in my life. I cant explain the feeling that traveling gives me, and to be able to do it at a discounted price as a travel agent makes it all better. (for more info on becoming a travel agent, click here).

I hope this made you want to visit this beautiful city! Enjoy my vlog from my YouTube channel! If your'e not subscribed, make sure to do so here

xoxo ♥