Rihanna Shuts Down Snapchat! Go RiRi!

So, have you heard the latest news regarding Rihanna & snap chat? I just recently heard of the news, and wanted to give my 2 cents lol. First of all, Social media is so POWERFUL in this day and age, as well as influencer's who have built a following using social media. With a popular, staple artist like Rihanna, she has TONS of influence out there, with over 60 million followers on her Instagram alone. So snap chat decided to release a very distasteful ad, of a game called "Would you rather" 

The game suggested would you rather "Slap Rihanna" or "Punch Chris Brown"
I'm sure some people probably found it hilarious, but to her its very insensitive, especially regarding the domestic violence that happened between them years ago. Some things just don't need to be joked about, and domestic violence is one of them. So many women (and men) suffer from domestic violence DAILY, and it is not a joke. 

From her simple post alone, Snap chat stocks have plummeted over 800 million. This just goes to show you, these companies will release whatever, thinking it will make sales, without even realizing how hurtful it could be to someone else. She claims that she doesn't have personal feelings about it, but I'm sure deep down, she does. 

Well what can I say? These companies need to take a better look at what they allow to be done on their behave. H&M had to realize that too. 


xoxo ♥