St Louis Women Who Brunch Event 3.24

Hey everyone! I am so excited to do this blog post, yall dont understand lol. I have been DYING to find local events in my area that gears toward empowering women, especially women business owners. When I found out about this event, I was excited, and also wondering if I should go or just sleep in. I am so glad I was able to make it. My friend needed help with her boutique, so it was a sign from God telling me to GO! You NEED this, this is what you have been wanting! It was everything that I needed.

The event was hosted by Princess Stormm, who is a radio personality on HOT 104.1 in St Louis. It was such a pleasure meeting her. She was so sweet, humble and her heart is beautiful. It was presented by her Non Profit Organization, Will's Way, named after her grandmother. They focus on improving the lives of our youth with education and healthy living. 

The focus of this event was Business, Branding & Blogging. This was right of my alley, so I knew I just HAD to attend, and soak up the energy in the room of powerful, black women business owners. The panel consisted of Melanie, who owns a few local Nightclubs in the St Louis area with her husband Andre, such as The Loft & The Olive Bar. We also had the pleasure of hearing about Katina M, of SweetFixx, who specializes in specialty desserts, and Toi Hall, who is an amazing fashion designer in the St Louis area. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times before this event when I was doing local runway modeling with Mike Jones. 

We also got to hear a keynote speaker, who goes by the name of Amour Jayda, who shared her story of how she became a successful entrepreneur at the age of 16. It was so inspiring, and reminded us all how powerful social media can truly be. She also told us a little bit about her book The Young Boss Blueprint. I definitely plan on reading.

The food at this event was off the chain! It was everything! We were served some potatoes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage links, turkey sausage, and some pancakes made by Chris' Cakes. 

I just want to reiterate how important it is to find like minded, uplifting positive individuals in your life to keep you on track. So much, especially in this younger generation, do we see so many negative images, negative attitudes and its truly mind blowing. If you want to make a positive change in your life, change the crowd you hang around. Attending this event gave me so much life, it showed me how much more I want to be at local empowering events. Plan to see a lot more of me at local events so I can write/record footage to share my experiences. I am excited to meet more positive influences and look forward to making long lasting friendships in my area! Thank you again Princess Stormm for putting on such an amazing event. I will make it my business to attend every year!

Enjoy the vlog footage! Sorry about the shakiness in some areas, I was just vlogging for my own personal use, had to keep moving to get out of the way from the professionals who were hired, and I am just simply out of shape and cant kneel for long LOL!

Lovely meeting these ladies! Check out their sunglasses 

Lovely meeting Valley Jay. Check out her cosmetics 

My fur coat was from JessMiaCollections

xoxo  ♥